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March 05, 2010

Readers snag $50 and save $20 by bending rules!

These came in the comments, but I'd like to highlight them here.

From Rachel:

"I just received a refund on some overdraft fees just by asking! I even negotiated for more of a refund than they offered (they offered a 50 dollar refund but I wanted 70 dollars). Even though they refused, it's the first time I tried negotiating and so I'm pretty proud of myself nonetheless!"

From Marsha:

"I was inspired by your experiences the other day when I was dropping one person from my auto road service policy and adding another, and was told that since I was adding someone I had to pay a $20. I pointed out that I was also dropping someone, and asked if the fee could be waived. The woman with whom I was talking said no, sorry, but she had to charge it. Rather than accepting that, I asked if there was someone else we could appeal to, and at first she started to say no, but interrupted herself and asked if I could hold while she spoke with her supervisor. A few moments later she came back and said she could waive the fee."

Music to my ears. Let me repeat two key statements:'s the first time I tried negotiating and so I'm pretty proud of myself...


Rather than accepting that, I asked...

i.e. don't sit back. Don't be passive. You will feel awesome about yourself. And make your life that much easier!
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