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March 05, 2010

Reader asks for a raise and ends up on a cool project instead

A reader recently asked for a raise. We strategized about whether it was right to ask and how he should phrase his request and points of persuasion. While the results on the money side weren't what we'd hoped for, the experience was useful. Behold:

"Just thought I should give you an update on my salary conversation...essentially she said "tough shit, buddy." That this was how it worked in big companies, and I should leave if I didn't like it. Said in a much more artful way, of course, this is my version. :) Disappointing, but at least she knows it's a concern, said she'd try to do what she could through bonuses. Oh well...she did give me some plum new projects, at least..."

My take:

1) Good thing he asked, since now the boss knows money is a concern and has said no once. Might be more willing once the economy picks up, knowing issues has been on the table for a while
2) Good thing, too, because it was practice for the next round. This was the first such negotiation he's tried.
3) Good thing, because the boss offered him cool projects instead. Maybe that wouldn't have happened if he'd seemed satisfied and complacent.
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