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December 11, 2009

If the Daily Asker lived in a cheesesteak police state...


Failed to report earlier due to other surveillance commitments. All incidents involving cheesesteak must be documented pursuant to Resolution 38219s-fd45. -RZ

LOG: On Tuesday, 12-8-09 at 19:08 subject entered a cheesesteak vendor approximately two miles from her domicile, approached counter and placed order for a 10-inch mushroom steak. Subject was asked if she would like onions and replied "Of course."

Vendor relayed order to the kitchen and the stated the total: $7.47.

Subject reached into purse and extracted one Visa brand debit card.

Vendor approached card machine, placed card in machine in preparation for swipe, then stopped. "There's gonna be a 75 cent charge."

Subject: "Really? Would you mind skipping it just this once? It's my first time here. If I'd known I would have brought cash."

Vendor: "There's an ATM at the [name redacted]."

Subject: "Please? Can you waive it just this once?"

Vendor: "Sorry, I can't. There's an ATM nearby."

Subject: "Then go ahead and cancel my order."

Subject turned around, moved to do door. As she moved past door, coat sleeve got caught in handle. Subject released sleeve, closed door behind her.

REMARKS: Note that on 12-6-09 subject spent $518.95 on a pair of earrings, then refused to pay $.75 on credit card fee. Subject previously cited Visa merchant guidelines to noncompliant vendors, stating that surcharges for Visa debit or credit transactions not permitted, and was consequently allowed to use debit card; Dr. J should review inconsistencies in expenditure strategies. Sleeve incident should be conveyed to Dr. K for cognitive behavioral analysis.

RECOMMENDATIONS: 1) Inform vendor of credit and debit card usage guidelines attached herewith: 2) Immediately commit subject to Institution 3.
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