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December 15, 2009

December Asking Challenge

All day yesterday something was nagging me. Did I forget the back door unlocked? Was my health insurance bill due? Whaaaat?

And then, right before bed, it struck me: Our weekly advice extravaganza!! But by that point I was snuggled between my sheets, and falling off the edge of consciousness looked awfully appetizing, so I decided to wait until this morning. I hope you'll forgive me.

From Monday, bumped this week to Tuesday, I give you:

Asking Advice Exchange: Edition 3.

Last week, IGC had this on her mind:
How do your ask for more work and more interesting work, especially in light of recent company-wide layoffs?
I don't have an answer yet, but I've set up a meeting with someone who could give us some perspectives. More on that, soon. I also know some of you are managers and delegators, in the professional sense, so by all means please share your take on this.

Meanwhile, I figured this week we could go for a theme. A December challenge. Your mission is to identify one thing that would make your life EASIER this month and, in the comments to this post, pledge to ask for that. Think long and hard about a little knot or hitch in your holidays (or regular days, as the case may be). Then, figure out how it could be improved and who could help. And go for it!! Anything is fair game: family issues, household logistics, vacation planning, work stress alleviation, shopping discounts, Santa elf requests.

I suspect that the hard part for most people will be identifying what they want, what's 'worth' the ask; not the actual asking.

(This is in addition to the normal questions, which are always welcome. i.e. What have you found troubling, challenging or vexing about asking? In theory or practice? What's something you'd like to ask for, but aren't sure how?)


La Roxy
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