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July 21, 2009

Welcome, new readers!

If you're coming over from today's Q&A in Time's Cheapskate Blog, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. And many thanks to Brad, for chatting with me!

Here are a few tidbits, to help you get started.

Last summer, inspired by the book Women Don't Ask, I set out to ask one question or negotiate something, every day for a year.

I'm a grad student living in San Diego with my beau, and occasional accomplice in asking, Mr. A. I'm about to wrap up a dissertation in French literature, and once I head back east to defend (my school is there), I'll be on a mad rush to find a job and negotiate my starting salary. Which is where this year's practice should come in handy.

My very first post explained my goals, which were basically not just to save or gain money, but to explore asking and negotiation in all their glory. Would it make me more daring? more assertive? more adventurous? more generous?

So, over the course of the year, I made some mundane requests, like waving a late a dry cleaning rush fee, but also plenty of juicier ones like trying to have coffee with Valentino in his Tuscan vacation villa.

Right now I'm analyzing all that data, explained in more detail here. Once Ask-o-logy is over, I'm going to keep asking and keep blogging.

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La Roxy
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