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July 05, 2009

Help me avoid interest and penalties?

I have a new strategy, and a new goal, which I'll unveil Monday, along with the first set of data.

In the meantime, here are three recent requests, as I shift gears for Year Two...

Wednesday, July 1: Didn't ask a thing! BREAK!!

Thursday, July 2: My undergraduate student loans go into automatic repayment once I graduate. Since I've been a student for so long, the computer decided to list me as finished. Thanks for the hint!

Within a week of my said graduation date, I got a letter from my undergrad loan company, followed soon by another, stating that I owe heaps of money for June and July and if I don't act now, I'll go into default.


I had some asking to do, stat!!

I called my grad school's registrar and requested that they sort this out. The clerk said she will write a letter on my behalf to the lender, explaining that it was a computer glitch and I'm still registered.

Next, I called the lender to say a letter is on its way. Will I be penalized in any way because of this miscommunication? Wil I be charged interest, have a black mark on my record, or worse?

That clerk said no.

Gained: Took care of business and smoothed over a technical snafoo.

Next days, coming up next...
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