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August 27, 2010

It's that time again

I think it's time to write.

You know, by now, how I operate. After asking daily for a year, I kept the ‘daily’ moniker even though askings – and blog posts – shrank in frequency. These days I ask (almost) daily, and report the more memorable ones in bursts.

Why did that happen? A few reasons.

When the daily asking experiment was over (it ran from July 2008 to 2009, by the way), I didn’t have any more vows to fulfill, other than to live the askerly way. Not having that contract with myself to ask and write daily made it easier to take breaks. That’s good and bad. Asking daily forced me to find opportunities. This post explains that every time I asked for a retail discount that year, I saved an average of $13. That's the total amount saved over the course of that year, divided by the total number of attempts at securing discounts. So even when I wasn’t successful, it was useful practice for the times that I was. It was a very healthy habit to have.

On the other hand, not having my asking radar on all the time means I can now concentrate on things other than grad school and blog. Corrrection: I must now concentrate on those things.


It’s time to write again.

I had promised 5 posts from Ecuador, but I only delivered four. It’s for a good reason: I’m hoping to turn the fifth report into an article for a particular publication… more on that as it develops.

Instead, in no order other than the one in which they occur to me, here are a few recent askings. Also, an update about the who, what, where, when, why and how of my most recent days…. aka a postcard from… Segovia, Spain!

Un beso,

“La rocio”
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