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August 18, 2010

"I can ask for anything but money"

Here we are, post 4 from Ecuador. After this, one more to go and we'll be back in California ;)

One of the people I was traveling with works for a nonprofit, and on one of the long and bumpy rides through the rainforest we all started talking about fundraising. He made a confession.

It's very hard for him to ask for money. He'll ask for help, support, contacts, government meetings, but when it comes to connecting with donors, he feels embarrassed.

"Let me guess, you feel like you're imposing, like you don't want to bother people?" I asked.


I'm going to turn this one back around to you, readers. I know some of you (Hi Mazarine, Julieta, and Ashley for starters) are in the fundraising sector or collaborate with fundraising projects.

Do you have any advice for this man? How did you get over the fear of financial asking? What's so terrifying about it?

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