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July 19, 2010

Two Hills

I've started biking to work, and each way I have to bike up a big hill.

Big hill, by the way, means total elevation rise of about 50 feet. But for me -- miss sit at a desk all day -- that is, sadly, a workout.

The first hill is about 2 blocks from my house. It's the longer of the two, and while it kicked my butt the first few times, now I just pick up steam, shift gears, pedal fast and it's over before I can say 'exhausted.'

The second hill is on the way back, and it's closer to home than work. It's shorter than the first hill and slightly steeper. And it gets me every time. After a few weeks of biking, I can still barely make it. Today, I jumped off and walked.

Why the difference? Pushing the bike up the hill, it dawned on me: The first one is at the start of the journey, which means I'm fresh and ready to go. I have to bike longer before I reach the second hill -- 10 minutes, versus 30 seconds. I'm already winded. My energy is down.

Which makes me think of two things.

1. No more pinkberry. Ok, occasional pinkberry. Ok, cut down to just once per day. Ok, downgrade to small. Nevermind...

2. Sometimes, it's easier to tackle the hard thing first.

I don't know why I'm writing this here, or what this has to do with asking or anything else I blog about in a direct sense.

All I know is that I haven't written in too long, and I had this thought, and I thought I'd share it with you, gentle reader.

Thanks for being there.

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