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July 20, 2010

Repairs before we renew the lease?

This morning, I had a meeting with the property manager. Our goal: negotiate the lease renewal.

Before our meeting, he told me it would involve a quick walk through of the property and then signing the lease extension. We are staying at the same rent, because our landlord is a godsend. I mean it. He rocks.

Until last night, that's what I was planning for: a quick tour of the property and then signing some papers. But then, just before bed, I realized: Lease renewal? That's the moment to ask for repairs!

I made a list of problems and printed it out. It included things like a slightly leaky faucet, some chipped paint, etc. Nothing structural or crucial, but still, things that have been on my mind.

I gave him the list, saying "These are not complaints. We love it here. But if you can fix them, it would be even better."

He said that of course he'd fix everything, with one exception.

Then, as we walked around, I remembered two things I'd been wishing for since we moved in.

1) Get a pair of street facing windows to open. (House build in 1930 = lovely old quirks. Like two windows that are sealed shut. When we moved in he told us that was that, but now that we're staying another year, why not try again?)

2) Fix a different window. (Mechanical problem I forgot to put on the list.)

As he left, he informed me that Maintenance Magic will call me to set up an appointment.

And to think that I almost missed this opportunity. D'oh!! And... Phew.

(PS: If you ever read this, dear landlord, thanks for being amazing. Please know that we love your house, we're taking good care of it and we're so happy to be staying another year!! Hope you're having a blast out there.)

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