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May 19, 2010

Seven Day Asking Challenge

Here is the challenge I gave the Capitol askers.

Every day for one week, ask for something you wouldn't have otherwise. Specifically, tick off each of these categories, in any order you'd like to:

--ask for something you know you'll get
--ask for something you definitely won't get
--ask for something you want
--ask for something you need
--ask for something totally fun and impractical
--ask for something that would make your life easier
--ask for something that helps someone else

I invite you, gentle reader, to join this game. Starting sometime in the next few days, try each of these -- in any order you want -- for one whole week.

Write back and let us know what you felt before starting, what you discovered along the way, what was hard, what was easy, and anything else you'd like to share!

Curiously yours,

La Roxy

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