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August 27, 2009

33 percent off this DKNY velvet jacket?

Tonight I went to Marshalls to pick up some sandals. I left with no shoes, but with a picture frame, a beautiful black blouse, a long gypsy skirt, a soft silky self-indulgence, and a cropped red velvet jacket by DKNY. The jacket was unstructured and minimal, despite the rich color and texture.

Yes, I confirm a stereotype, as well as scientific research. I like to shop. A lot. Which applies both to the liking and the shopping.

For evidence research, please consult this nifty interactive graphic from the New York Times about how Americans use their time in a given day. The surveyors isolated the data for different age groups, races, genders, employment situations! Check it out here.

Here's a sample of how a day breaks down, by activity -- very cool! (Click to enlarge)
[from an NYT interactive graphic]

Well, now. Back to that jacket.

There was a small tear at the lining's armpit. And a small white mark (looked like deodorant) on the other armpit. Time for the pitch.

"Oh wait, sorry! Did you ring that up?"

"I did."

"Could you take it off? I'm still thinking about it. Thanks!... [as she rings up the rest] Yeah, I was noticing this hole, and a stain. Could you maybe adjust the price so I can pay for drycleaning?"

"The best I can do is mark the problem areas, in case you decide return it," she replied.

Here's the thing. The defects were outwardly invisible -- and easily solved. It was an originally $400 DKNY jacket, reduced about 8 times. To $15. On clearance to the Nth power. I was sure I wanted it. So I waited for her to finish with the other clothes, and then I added:


"If you can make it $10, I'd be happy with a final sale. It's a great jacket, but it's been here for ages. I would only take it if I got that discount."

Guess she wasn't wearing that "No. 1 Customer Service Winner" badge for nothing. She agreed!

Result: Saved $5. And... scored a gorgeous designer jacket for $10!?? Thanks Marshalls! You rock!! And thanks especially to she who rang me up!
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