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December 17, 2010

Wedding Budget

Long ago I started posting about wedding planning and negotiations. Then some stuff happened, and then more stuff.

Well, at last it's time to pick up where I left off!

Here's what Mr. A and I budgetting for. I won't include amounts (yet) because this will affect ongoing negotiations. The list will probably change as we advance, but here's a general plan.

1. Church: ceremony + priest fee
2. Church decoration
3. Ceremony music
4. Reception: rental + food + cake + alcohol + coffee + insurance + tips
5. Reception music
6. Personnel fees (waiters, security guards, whatnot, if applicable)
7. Dress+accessories+alteration+shoes
8. Some kind of hair intervention
9. Tux
10. Rings
11. Invitations
12. Photographer
13. Day before tango lesson for our guests
14. Night before fun (rehearsal dinner/cocktails/bbq/tbd)
15. Babysitter for the kiddies
16. Marriage license

The specifics range from very simple (ipod; do my own makeup) to more complicated (we want a reception that runs late and lets us dance -- on a Saturday).

My goal is twofold: 1) bring the price down on every item that exceeds our target budget through asking, negotiation and/or compromise and 2) avoid paying the Bridal Surplus.

How will I fare? First update, just around the corner.

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