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November 02, 2010

How are you voting on Prop 19?

Last night Mr. A and I went to Jem and K-meister's house for vanilla bourbon tea.

A conversation about wedding planning took a sharp turn about an hour in, when we starting talking about project management of all things. Another hour later (it's a hot topic, what can I say) the evening was dying down -- it was past 11 after long days at work for everyone -- when I asked something out of the blue:

"How are you guys voting on Prop 19?" (Legalizing pot)

This was a leading question, since I could have guessed how they would vote the next day.

But that started a conversation that took us through various propositions, political ideals, budget concerns, social priorities. Democracy in action... Voters weighing the issues that mattered to them... Disagreeing, persuading, questioning, considering, arguing, listening, participating... It was a blast.

And now, before I get all misty eyed, let me wish all U.S. readers a happy election day!

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