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March 31, 2010

APB: Seeking Examples of Successful Askings

I'm on a roll.

You didn't think I could write five posts and not get tired of yapping, did you?

There's more where this comes from, but my time is up: I have to get back to work.

But here's the thing. In the previous post, I included a real life sample email from a reader who asked for something and got it.

While I'm mostly offline, from now until April 14, I'd like to ask you, my fantastic readers, to do something for one another.

Think back to any time you've asked for something successfully. If you did it over email, that's wonderful. If if was in person and you can remember how the conversation went, that's great too.

Email me these stories. Be as detailed as possible. Not just "I asked for $2 off at the farmers market and got it." Tell me in a few sentences (or more) how you said it, what the reply was, etc. Even a transcript if you can remember. The more context-specific advice, the better.

My goal is to start a section on this site with successful examples in various categories. That way, readers can search for, say, "bank fee," "homework," or "hotel" and see how other readers have gotten bank fees forgiven, homework extensions, or hotel upgrades.

Nothing is off topic. Asking the principal not to expel your kid. Asking to get out of a ticket. Asking someone to spare your life. Asking someone to spare her own life. Asking for discounts, favors, access, permission, information. Asking someone to do something or not do it. Asking for yourself or someone else.


You can reply in a comment here, but better yet, send it to me and I'll collate, organize and comment once I'm back to full-time blogging in April.

My email is thedailyasker at gmail dot com.

I think the result will benefit everybody. I am very curious to see what you come up with.

And thank you!

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