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February 02, 2009

Hello, Twitter! And... craigslist discount, again?

February 2. Day 217.

I've joined Twitter!

My page is

Or, in twitterspeak, @thedailyasker.

I'm not sure why I did, but lately I've been reading and hearing about it incessantly, so I thought I'd give it a try for a week or two. Feel free to track me, or let's trade tweets, or whatever it is people do!


Besides joining Twitter today...

La Divina left. I took a long nap. I bought a table.

I really needed something spacious to work on, since I kept setting up camp on Mr. A's desk. It was about time I found a space of my own.

Old Reliable (Craigslist) led me to a hardwood table for $25. I've long debated between getting a desk and a simple table; I think a desk would seem diligent and productive, but be encumbering. With a table, I can set it up however I want. File boxes beneath or beside, a row of books bordering the wall, or not... Here is the picture from the CL ad:

When I picked up the table, I asked what I knew I must: "Would you take $20?"

Without a blink, she said yes.

Later, I asked her where she got the table from.


The seller, a senior in college who's majoring in writing, lives in an apartment that reminded me very much of my first home out of college. An old blue house, on the third floor, with slanted ceilings, a roommate, lustrous hardwood floors and a cozy, bohemian feel. Ahh, 2002-2003 -- first year of grad school, first year I sat at my own kitchen table and read Plato and Derrida and felt so overwhelmed and exhilarated... Time flies!! Tables remain.

Gained: $5.
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