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September 05, 2008

Compensation for my wasted time, Netflix? Actually, nevermind...

September 4. Day 66.

Fell asleep watching an indie movie, Bella. Woke up to brush teeth and blog. So, this will be short.

Asked: Netflix to give me a discount or any sort of compensation for spending an hour on and off the phone trying to solve a technical glitch. The movie was playing in their "instant view" mode, but no audio.

Gained: Nothing, as the technical dude said he's not authorized to give credits or help smooth ruffled feathers. He didn't resolve anything, and I was too exhausted to be transferred to customer service to follow up.

Discovered: After hanging up, I hit "play" one last time and waited to see what happened. The audio actually worked fine -- it was just silent in the first five minutes. Looks like I wasted their time, not the reverse. D'oh!!
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